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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Good News, Bad News about MSC

Bad News: The server we used temporarily removed all our contents so they could repair several glitches (site crashes, pchat problems, etc) and when they were about to replace everything they informed us that we hadn't updated our site since Feb 2007 WTF??? As everyone knows we have been updating chats and pictures continuiously!! To make a long story short...the sons of bitches LOST all our content for the year 2007.

Good News: You can't keep MSC down!! Fortunately, I have kept all our chats and Aiden and Mike have the pics on our harddrives so even though it's gonna take a while to complete, everything will be back up on line. We hope to have the Main Page back on line sometime tonight or tomorrow and I will start uploading the chats at the same time begining with the most recent chats (last week) first.

In case you are wondering, YES, we have dumped that stupid server we were using.


mouse said...

Hi, the best you can do is for all paying member to give all for the days the site is down the money back or money for this time for pchats! Mouse

Gary said...

time to cancel guys this is wacked

zipp said...

we were promised a daily up-date .. what happened to that ?

Greg said...

This site is so unprofessional. Excuse after excuse. Word to the wise: DO NOT JOIN.

kev20 said...

Wow, what's going on? The site has been down for more than one week and very little has been said. Can you at least give us an update? My membership is coming up for renewal in two days and I'd like to know something. Otherwise, I will have to cancel (which is something I do not want to do)