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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Chats this week?

I'm trying to find out from Aiden if the chatroom works so at least we can have live chats till the forums are back. Keep checking back here after I get hold of Aiden, hopefully he'll get back with me by tonight.


Crimson said...

I think the parties involved need to decide if they can *realistically* make this site work, because that has not been happening up til now. This isn't a new site, far from it, yet the same problems keep happening over and over. If it were an amateur site done for fun it would be one thing, but this is a business and a service people pay for.

I've been a member from Day One, but I think I'm done. I'll always be a fan of Mike, but loyalty only goes so far. I was already on the fence about renewing, but this latest round of service interruptions might be the final nail for me. Every time this site takes a step forward, it's followed by two steps backwards.

The constant service interruptions are the site's worst problem, but far from the only. Most of the models "affiliated" with this site have zero activity, the active models are often unreliable, and the photo updates seem like the exact same photos over and over. Clearly there has only been two or three photo shoots, and virtually indistinguishable variants of the same pictures are being passed off as new material -- too often of models who haven't been active for ages.

Sorry for the rant but I've been optimistic and supportive of this site for 2 years, only to be continually disappointed.

Cray said...


i totally agree with everything you've said.

these guys should just hang it up.