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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pchat is Back

Pchat just went back on line a few minutes ago and I'm messaging all the models to go in and create their profiles. So within a day or so you'll be able to start chatting again. There's still a couple things that have to be changed like the "girls alone" and "couples" option lol but other than that it's fully functional.


zipp said...

The main MSC page says that Members can "save a ton of money in p-chats" by getting 20% off. Can you please explain exactly how that works? Thanks.

solidsnake said...

That was our original plan of offering 20% off to members but Verotel sucks and never got that worked out. We will be switching to CCBill shortly and they will be able to offer the discount.

MuscleStud said...

I'm a new member, and have not used the pchat yet (since it hasn't been working). The 20% implies that non members can use pchat as well. Is this true? If so, how does that work? In the past, the live models tab always said "Coming Soon." Is there a way for non-members to know when models will be in pchat?

solidsnake said...

Yes musclestud, everyone including non members of MSC can pchat with the models. Everyone will have to register in the pchat section which is seperate from the main site. Non members will not know when models are pchating, they will only be able to see a green light indicating the model is available.

guy said...

is the main page down again?