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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Old Chats Reuploaded

After a hacker destroyed MSC and everything was lost we have decided to reupload all the chats that I had saved on my harddrive on a new server. They will slowly but surely be available for viewing, several have already been uploaded. We also have plans of opening a new site so stayed tuned.


whatdey123 said...

I am having trouble with the Live Chat on My windows media player says "ready" but it doesn't play. Even if I click play, it wont play. Can anyone help me with this? Also, I was hoping to find more videos on Mike but there were so few. Can you please post up more Mike videos?


whatdey123 said...

Also, could you please update more on this blog on what's going on. The site ( seems like it's dead, and I just feel like I got ripped off because there's barely content on there. The whole reason I joined was to look at Mike more but there are no videos of him, please can you let us know what is going on with this site. Is it still running? Are you guys still managing the site at all??

greg said...

oh i hope i can see more of you mike! ur amazing body sexy face and ur sexy talk is the best thing i have ever seen and heard
luv u alots hope u can put more of u

Grant said...

yeah ditto here to what "whatdey123" said. Before joining, the webpage to lure you in says there are videos of EVERY model - not true. I can understand if a hacker destroyed a lot of content, but if I can find video of some models on Youtube that don't exist on the MSC site, or any video of a particular model on MSC, what's the point of joining. At the very least, you shouldn't advertise that you have video of EVERY model. False advertising. I feel ripped-off. Also, there doesn't appear to be a help link or contact link on the website itself - so no way to email the site admin or owner

sumyungguy said...

Anybody know what Mike is up to? Haven't heard anything about him for ages!!

Oma said...

Well, that was a waste of my money. There's hardly ANY content on this site!

Caramel Chad said...

I would like to be featured in this blog