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Friday, January 26, 2007

The Launch of MALE MODEL MAG

Leighton Stultz, who will soon be featured in a major magazine and acoffee table book, has been selected to promote Male Model Mag, beinglaunched in 2007 as the most exciting concept yet for the modeling andentertainment industry.
Male Model Mag, the brainchild of a group of young models and actors, is avirtual magazine and management group all in one, designed for "everybody"in the industry, according to Michael Morris, the newly appointededitorial director. Morris, the publisher of Connex247, said he agreed tojoin the group because they are presenting exciting opportunities and anew approach to the modeling and entertainment industry.
"It's really Connex247 at the next level," Morris added.
Leighton said he was so excited to have been chosen as the cover for thepromotion of Male Model Mag. "Wow, it's really being part of history to bethe first one to appear on the cover of a new magazine. I know it will bea huge success."
Leighton will also be involved in major promotional activities for MaleModel Mag over the next few months. The picture of Leighton was taken bythe distinguished photographer Thomas Watkin who provided additionalphotos for the feature. Leighton is currently working with Tom on a 2008calendar.
The audience for Male Model Mag will include "everybody" -- models,actors, photographers, videographers, fashion designers -- and of course,anyone looking for the top male models on the planet for their nextcampaign.
"We are looking for you," Morris said, especially "fresh new faces fromanywhere in the world. If you thought about becoming involved in theindustry but didn't know how to get started, Male Model Mag is here for you."
You can apply to become part of Male Model Mag and a cover model at
The magazine will include professional galleries of each model, highquality videos, interviews and profiles. Photographers who are interestedin becoming part of the venture may also apply at the web site.
Once models are accepted by Male Model Mag assistance will be provided tohelp them become established, and give them as much exposure as possible -a virtual magazine and agency all in one.

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